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VCPUSD Student Resources

Accelerated Reading Book Finder -  is an online search site for the  (AR) program which is used  to monitor the practice of reading. Students earn points for reading a variety of books at school or at home. Comprehension quizzes are administered on these readings during school hours. 

Avid -  Advancement Via Individual Determination, is a college readiness system for elementary through higher education that is designed to increase school wide learning and performance. 

Discovery Education - Offers interactive games, videos, virtual labs, contests and activities designed to help students dive deeper into a topic.

District Flyers -  Contains a variety of current flyers or documents announcing Important District events and programs.

Google Docs - is a web based word processor. spreadsheet, presentation, form and data storage program that allows you to create and edit documents. This can be done offline and online and you can also collaborate in real-time with other students.

Haiku Learning - Haiku LMS is a virtual classroom with a learning management system designed specifically for K12. It's easy to use and it provides provides a central location for teachers, students and parents to connect and collaborate.

Khan Academy- Contains a library of over 3000 videos covering everything from arithmetic to physics, finance, and history and hundreds of skills to practice.

Library Directory - Is a reference guide that will provide users with the most complete and current information on books contained in our VCPUSD school libraries.

Menus - Contains weekly menus for the National School Lunch and/or breakfast Program that VCPUSD participates in. Meals are served every day at participating schools.

Student Handbook - Contains information about the VCP School District. The information provided attempts to answer questions, which may arise during the year. 

Infinite Campus Student Portal - The Infinite Campus (IC) Student Portal allows you, the student, to login and access your grade and class attendance.  This will help you increase communication with your teachers.

Typing Web - is the online typing tutor that  helps  you increase your typing skill levels.


  (To access these sites ask your teacher for your login information)



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